About Me

My interests are amateur photography, art, music and very little to do with the outdoors unless it includes or involves any of the preceding activities. Not that I dislike the outdoors, mind you. I appreciate the beauty of nature and the outdoors. It’s just that I prefer my comfort to being challenged by the elements.

I’ve hiked the Grand Canyon. Even spent the night sleeping on the canyon floor. That should tell you something. I love the Southwest (all of it) and the Carolinas, played in the ocean on both coasts and gulfs. I enjoy Mexico and it’s people and have sat on the beach in Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point) with shrimp on the barbee watching the sun set slowly over the water. (Also got up about 4am to watch it come up!)

I’ve built and raced my own AHRA drag car, winning many sanctioned events; hunted small game – which I no longer find any interest in; won several global awards for video editing with an Amiga NLE system; authored and taught a NATTS approved computer graphics and video production course; started my own school; fancy myself somewhat of an entrepreneur, having started and failed a number of venues for one reason or another; enjoy riding my motorcycle; build, repair and teach computers (PC’s); don’t believe in cradle to grave government; love capitalism but respect tree huggers – to a point; think that in spite of what GW told us after 9/11, the terrorists have indeed changed our way of daily life so, in effect, they’ve won…but enough about me. What about you?


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