Posted by: zycos | September 14, 2007

Don’t point that finger!!!!

On a lighter note, I wanted to share a story I’d heard many years ago. You may be familiar with it but if so, it’s worth repeating. It was as good (and applicable) then, as now. I hope you enjoy it and remember it’s message for years to come.

The Hot Dog Stand

There was a man who ran a hot dog stand. Day after day he’d be on the same
street corner selling his hot dogs. He did this to provide a good home for
his wife and young son. One of his goals was to send this son to college.

After working many years and building his business into a very lucrative one,
he had saved enough money to put his son through one of the country’s finest
universities. The son graduated, head of class, in business administration.

Proud of having a college graduate in the family and without formal schooling of his own, the man consulted his son about his hot dog business. Business had been good over the years and he wanted to expand the operation, maybe even franchise it.

The son replied:

“Father, I know that stand has worked for you over the years but times have changed.
Fast food chains are the money makers now. Besides, the stock market has taken a
major hit and people are bringing their own lunch to work. You know how the cost of
everything has gone up lately and with all the new health laws, the paperwork will be
overwhelming. There’s no way a small hot dog stand could ever survive such turbulent times.”

The man thought long and hard about what his son told him. He’d faced troubled times before, true enough but nothing like his son was talking about.

He reasoned that being college educated, his son must surely know what’s going on in the business world. Who was he to question it? After all, he just a hot dog vendor. Talking it over with his wife, they didn’t want to risk everything he’d worked so hard for over the years and decided to play it safe.

Instead of expanding his operation, he began cutting back. First by reducing the number
of free condiments offered with each hot dog. Then he started charging for the condiments.
As a hedge against the impending inflation, he raised the price of his hot dogs almost two-fold. Even though his sign needed repainting, he didn’t want to invest the money at that time.

As the economy weakened, his long time customer base began to dwindle. The man became even more certain his son was correct. Business had fallen off sharply and despite charging evermore for his items, his profits were marginal.

He began to grow bitter because he thought, “Here I have the best, college educated mind in business, I’ve followed his advice, cut back my operations and business is still lousy. Man, what bad times we’re going through.”

As his remaining customers began to take note, the man grew increasingly despondent… and more bitter with each passing day. Soon, he had no more customers. The economy was bad but the truth was nobody wanted to pay a premium for doing business with an old grouch… and a tightwad at that!

Sure enough, within about 6 months time the man closed up shop, retreating to the comfort and relative safety of his home. Reflecting on the situation, he called his son.

He said, “Son, I want to thank you. You saved everything we have. By taking your advice, I averted financial ruin because of this economy. I’ve never seen it this bad. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I closed the hot dog stand.”

His son said, “That’s all right pop. You made a wise decision. I guess sending me to college was a good idea for us both!”


Zig Ziglar, one of the foremost noted motivational speakers of all time, says this: (paraphrased)

If stinkin’ thinkin’ is clouding your outlook, maybe it’s not from external causes. After all, when you’re pointing your finger to blame others, you should realize three of those fingers are always pointing back at you.  – Thanks Ziggy!

‘Nuff said.

Here’s your Doodle-O’da-Day. Case in point, so to speak.




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