Posted by: zycos | August 13, 2007

It’s Monday…I don’t like Mondays.

I don’t like Mondays and I don’t really know why. I mean, if I had to get up and actually go to work it would signify the start to another long, dreary workweek and I could understand. But I don’t work for anyone other than myself and even that seems to be only on my own schedule of sorts.

I get up at 7am but don’t really get going until about 2pm. From then I run strong until about midnight. If I make it to bed before then, my 7am wakeup is automatic. If I miss my 12 am curfew, I can’t get out of bed until about 9am or so. That shifts my whole cadence forward and every third or fourth day I have to correct my internal clock.

That means doing absolutely nothing for a whole day. Just taking it at a snail’s pace, then going to bed about 10 or 11 and getting up at 7am, reset and ready to get going at 2pm.

So in reality, Monday shouldn’t really make much difference to me than any other day of the week… but it does.

If I’d just retired, it would be easy to write it off as conditioning. You know, the Pavlov’s dog thingy. But I haven’t had to work the Monday thru Friday routine for almost 35 years. The only bad thing about not having to officially confront Mondays for that long is that Fridays hold no lure for me, either.

Apart from looking at Fridays as the gateway to my weekend furlough, Fridays are the same as Mondays. And Wednesday’s aren’t hump day for me either.

It’s not as good as it sounds. Consider this:

I’m just as likely to be working on Saturday at 6pm as on Monday at 2pm or 4am. Just doesn’t matter. I work when I feel most productive… or is it just when the mood strikes? Dunno. The line’s become blurred over the last 3+ decades.

Am I just lazy? I don’t think so but then I’ve never met a lazy man who thought he was. But I am productive. Maybe not as productive as I’d like to be but certainly almost as productive as someone who has a job.

I remember the work sector. Nobody really works, at least not on a continuous basis. Now I’m not counting the time spent there because most of that time is not really working.

Sure, there may be spurts of productivity but most just find a groove and plod along a path of least resistance. Even when faced with a real project, seldom does it progress without continual intermissions.

Most everybody in the workaday world just kind of strings their weekdays and projects together with coffee breaks, trips to the restroom, non-work related conversation with their co-workers, even several calls home to ask if the daily mail came yet. And all that was way before the internet.

Now checking your email addresses, text messaging, surfing the net, playing games with your opponent in the next cubicle and more, have been added to fill your daily “work” routine.

The way I got it figured, most “workers” really might work only 3 or less real hours each workday. Some view their workweek as a sort of social club, only occasionally interrupted by actually having to do something.

And then there are those who know only enough about their job as how to keep it. They’re the real workers. Constantly campaigning for favor, hoping either their good looks, charming personality or just plain ass-kissing will get them by. And it usually does.

That pisses off the rest of the “workers” when they see someone working so hard.

Sometimes I ask myself. Wouldn’t it be easier just to get a job? But then I’d have to get up every Monday morning to go to work. And gosh, I hate Mondays.

OK. I have to cut this short ’cause it’s nearing 2pm and I have to get ready for work.

Here’s my Doodle-O’Dah-Day. It’s called “Manatees In Love” a submission I made to the “Horny Manatee” site made famous by talk show host Conan O’Brien.

It wasn’t accepted, btw. NBC censors? Maybe they know I’m not a Conan fan. Oh well, anybody at NGC interested?



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