Posted by: zycos | August 8, 2007

Starting a little late … kind of.

I know I’m starting late. New to this blogging thing, I admit to putting it off as I’m a bit technically overwhelmed at this point. Odd that, I’ve been involved in computers since 1986 or ’87 (so long ago, I forgot.)

My computer journey started with a great little system called the Amiga (so named in Spanish meaning “girl friend.”) And as it turned out, aptly named, because it figuratively became sort of my mistress for the next 10 or 12 years, spending day and night learning as much as I could about this new, promising technology.

The Amiga let me digitize stereo audio, color photographs, even create animation as easily as composing letters and building spreadsheets. Not so great a feat today but this was in the mid-80’s. Macintosh had only a 9″ black and white screen and the PC was nothing more than a deaf mute. Truth is, I would’ve probably gotten a Mac but with only one model available and a steep cost of $3,000 (power cord not included) it forced me to look elsewhere. Lucky for me, because I discovered the recently released Amiga.

Sidenote>> The Amiga 1000, which was the first model and soon followed by the A500, had a Motorola 68000 CPU running at a blazing 7.62 Mhz (same as the Mac) and featured stereo sound output, 4,096 glorious colors on-screen, separate custom graphic, sound and animation chipsets and a true multi-tasking Operating System that fit nicely on a single sided floppy disk. There were no consumer hard drives at the time, not even for the Mac. (My, how far we’ve come.) Price for all this amazing computing power? $995 Suggested Retail and it came WITH a power cord.<<

And along the way built several businesses using it and launched a teaching career to boot! There were Amiga haters, most all of them Mac users (jealousy?) but the PC camp just didn’t have anything to say, literally. After all, their PC’s cost many times more than even the singular Mac offering and all they had was mute DOS running on a green or amber screen.

So yes, I loved my Amiga. Still do. In fact, I have an Amiga 1200 set up in the corner of my office in spite of several other killer PC’s and even a couple outdated Macs.

But enough about all that. After all you didn’t come to hear about obsolete computers, did you? I didn’t think so.

This blog will be about anything and everything from my rants and raves to musings. Nothing is off limits or off topic.

Since I draw, I’m going to add a new doodle at least once every day. Maybe it’ll reflect my mood, maybe it’ll be just whimsical and mean absolutely nothing at all.

Either way, check back to see what my creation of the day is and if you’d like, leave a comment about anything you wish. I’m as interested in hearing from and about you as I hope you are about me. At least I think that’s the way this blog thing is supposed to work, right?

OK. That’s it for now. Oh, here’s today’s doodle. Kinda reminds me of Ray Morano’s brother on “Everybody Loves Raymond” a little, but this guy’s fatter.




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